In the Second Edition of Crown jewel, it is bit lower performance when compared to last year. The Major title Change occurs as “The Fried” Bray Wyatt becomes the New WWE Universal Champion after defeating Seth Rollins in the Main Event. Tyson Fury and Brock Lesnar also tasted the victory here in Saudi Arabia

  • WWE Championship – Brock Lesnar vs Cain Velasquez
The Match was started with the Mixed Martial arts format has Brock Lesnar takes the Cain Velasquez to the Mid Section of the Ring. Cain Velasquez grounded the Champion but Brock Caught him and locked with Kamura Lock. Cain Velasquez gives the Match but Rey Mysterio hits the Steel chair in the back of Brock.
Rey Mysterio falls outside the ring as Brock Awareness. Cain  Valesquez F5 by Brock Lesnar but Rey Mysterio attacks Brock once again and made him run outside the ring.
Brock Lesnar defeated Vain Velaquez by Submission
 (Grade – C)

  • Tag Team World Cup
The OC defeated The New day and becomes Tag team World Champions.
(Grade – B+)

  • Mansoor Vs Cesaro
Mansoor Defeated Cesaro via Pinfall
(Grade- B)

  • Tyson Fury VS Braun Strowmen
 Tyson Fury Knocked down the Braun Strowmen and continues his undefeated Streak here in Crown jewel.

Tyson Fury Defeated Braun Strowmen via Count-out.

  • United State Championship – AJ Styles vs Humberto Carillo
Early in the Kick off show Humberto Won the 20 men Battle Royal but he fails to win the United States Championship. 

AJ Styles Defeated Humberto Carillo via Pinfall to retain the title.
(Grade- B)

  • Natalya vs Lacey Evans
It is the First-Ever Women Match in Abu Dhabi where both the women Wore the Full Sleeve Shirts to the Match. Both the Women fought really well and makes the people joy

Natalya Def Lacey Evans by Submission
(Grade- B)
  • Team Hogan vs Team Flair
Roman Reigns kicked out the RKO from Randy Orton and speared him to secure a win.

Team Hogan defeated Team Flair.
(Grade- B+)
  • WWE Universal Championship – Bray Wyatt vs Seth Rollins
Nothing has Stopped the Bray Wyatt in Dominating the Match as Bray Kickout From 8 stomp and Sister Abigail to win the Title

Bray Wyatt defeated Seth Rollins via Pinfall 
(Grade- B+)

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