WWE Super Showdown Results – Undertaker returns to win Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet match and Goldberg becomes WWE Champion

Undertaker returns to WWE and wins the Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match after Defeating AJ Styles here in Saudi Arabia. Goldberg becomes the New WWE Universal Champion after defeating Bray Wyatt in Mohammed Abdu Arena on the Boulevard. 

Highlights of WWE Super Showdown

  • Undertaker Returns to WWE to win Tuwaiq Trophy
  • Goldberg Becomes New WWE Universal Champion
  • Bayley, Brock Lesnar, Seth Rollins & Murphy retains their titles
  • Miz and John Morrison become New WWE tag-team Champion
Results of WWE Super Show-Down

Match No.1: The Viking Raiders vs OC

  • Winner: The OC by Pinfall

Match No.2: Tuwaiq Trophy Gauntlet Match

  • Winner: Undertaker defeated AJ Styles
Match No.3: The New Day vs The Miz and John Morrison for WWE SmackDown Tag team championship

  • Winner: The Miz and John Morrison by Pinfall

Match No.4: Humberto Carrilo vs Angel Garza

  • Winner: Angel Garza defeated by Pinfall

Match No.5: The Street Profit vs Seth Rollins&Murphy for WWE Raw Tag team championship

  • Winner: Seth Rollins & Murphy by Pinfall

Match No.6 : Manzoor vs Dolph Ziggler

  • Winner : Manzoor by Pinfall

Match No.7: Brock Lesnar vs Ricochet for WWE Championship

  • Winner: Brock Lesnar By Pinfall

Match No.8: King Corbin vs Roman Reigns

  • Winner: Roman Reigns by Pinfall
Match No.9: Bayley vs Naomi for WWE Women’s Championship

  • Winner: Bayley by Pinfall

Match No.10: Bray Wyatt vs Goldberg for WWE Universal Championship

  • Winner: Goldberg By Pinfall

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