WWE MONEY IN THE BANK 2020: Results, Grade and Highlights – Otis and Asuka wins the WWE MITB Ladder Match

WWE Returns to one of the Major tournament in the year with the exciting Match coming on the Way. For the First time in the history, WWE Money in the Bank Ladder Match gonna held in WWE Headquarters and the Remaining Matches to be held in WWE Performance Center.

Today’s Matches
  • Braun Strowman vs. Bray Wyatt (Universal Championship)
  • Bayley vs. Tamina (SmackDown Women’s Championship)
  • Drew McIntyre vs. Seth Rollins (WWE Championship)
  • The New Day vs. Forgotten Sons vs. The Miz and John Morrison vs. Lucha House Party (SmackDown Tag Team Championships)
  • Asuka vs. Shayna Baszler vs. Nia Jax vs. Dana Brooke vs. Carmella vs. Lacey Evans
  • Aleister Black vs. AJ Styles vs. Rey Mysterio vs. King Corbin vs. Otis vs. Daniel Bryan
  • MVP vs. R-Truth
  • Cesaro vs. Jeff Hardy

Match No.1: Cesaro vs Jeff Hardy

BACK. IN. ACTION.@JEFFHARDYBRAND is out for redemption as he gets set to take on @WWECesaro! #MITB pic.twitter.com/16ZGOEXyL8

— WWE (@WWE) May 10, 2020

The Swiss Superman took manage right away but The Charismatic Enigma used to be no longer going to be taken down barring a fight. He reversed a headlock and a hip toss to flip the tables. Cesaro dumped him over the barricade to regain the top hand. He kept Hardy grounded for countless minutes as he laboured a slow, methodical pace. 

Every time the risk-taker tried to make a comeback, the powerhouse took him down. Hardy sooner or later started out to make a comeback after catching Cesaro with a jawbreaker. After a few greater minutes of both guys hitting each signature go they had, Hardy scored the win with a Swanton Bomb. 

Things are looking up for @JEFFHARDYBRAND on #SmackDown after his first official win back in the ring. #MITB pic.twitter.com/IMi5NE77UW

— WWE (@WWE) May 10, 2020

Winner: Jeff Hardy by Pinfall
Grade: B-

Match No.2: The New Day vs. Forgotten Sons vs. Lucha House Party vs. The Miz and Morrison

The #SmackDown #TagTeamTitles are ON THE LINE to kick off #MITB

Can @WWEBigE and @TrueKofi survive this #Fatal4Way Match with the gold?! pic.twitter.com/ER0KK6goKU

— WWE (@WWE) May 10, 2020

The first professional in the shape of the PPV noticed Kofi Kingston and Big E shield the SmackDown tag titles in opposition to The Miz and Morrison, The Forgotten Sons and Lucha House Party. Kingston and Gran Metalik started the fit with a fashionable lockup and trade of holds and counters. Both guys are quick high-flyers, so they had an enjoyable encounter. Metalik and Morrison hit a lovely Spanish Fly from the pinnacle rope all the way to the flooring to take down all people else in the in shape at the equal time. 

This was a car spoil in the quality feasible way. Bodies were flying left and right, and each and every single individual had at least one second to shine. Thanks to some help from his partner, Big E managed to pin Metalik to retain the titles for his team. 
There may be no disqualifications, but the referee can still do THIS.

👋, @JaxsonRykerWWE! #MITB pic.twitter.com/ZZEDSi0bUH

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 10, 2020

Winner: The New Day
Grade: C+

Match No.3: Bobby Lashley vs. R-Truth

We thought we were set for @The305MVP vs. @RonKillings, but @fightbobby has other plans on @WWENetwork! #MITB pic.twitter.com/5f23FyN8lC

— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) May 10, 2020

MVP and Truth had a funny alternate before the ref should call for the bell, however, they had been interrupted by means of Bobby Lashley. He instructed MVP to take the night off and this grew to become into a specific in shape altogether.

Truth slapped him in the face and The All Mighty made him pay with a series of shoulder thrusts in the corner. After about a minute, Lashley cut him in half with a Spear to get the win. 

That’s what @fightbobby does.

Another DOMINANT victory at #MITB. pic.twitter.com/zNMSSlKtyB

— WWE (@WWE) May 10, 2020

Winner: Bobby Lashley by Pinfall
Grade: C+

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 10, 2020

Match No.4: Bayley vs Tamina

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 10, 2020

Bayley slapped Tamina a few times and talked some trash. This mistake led to Tamina laying her out with a clothesline right away.
The former Hugger took manipulate by going after her opponent’s left leg. She slammed it into the ring put up a few times and centred nearly all of her offence on making the harm worse.

Bayley throwing water in the challenger’s face led to Tamina getting angry and regaining the advantage. She threw Bayley over the announce table with authority. Tamina had the win in hand but a distraction from Banks allowed Bayley to roll her up with a crucifix to get the win. 

— WWE (@WWE) May 10, 2020

Winner: Bayley by Pinfall
Grade: B+

Match No.5: Braun Strowmen vs Bray Wyatt

Time to have some FUN!

Is @WWEBrayWyatt on the verge of becoming #UniversalChampion at #MITB?! pic.twitter.com/OaN3uAADLr

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 11, 2020

The Monster Among Men pushed Wyatt to the corner and took him down with a shoulder block to get the action going. Wyatt laughed as he obtained to his feet. They took the fight out of the ring and Strowman persisted to dominate his former mentor. Wyatt turned things round by way of sending him into the announce table.

He was once started up that Strowman kicked out of Sister Abigail. Strowman put his black sheep masks on for the first time in years and Wyatt rejoiced. It appeared like The Monster Among Men was once about to receive Wyatt as his saviour again, but Strowman used to be just enjoying with him. He eliminated the masks and stepped on it before pinning Wyatt with a power slam. 

He had to go to a 𝘷𝘦𝘳𝘺 different place to do it, but @BraunStrowman is STILL your #UniversalChampion! #MITB pic.twitter.com/PJnqkvuub1

— WWE (@WWE) May 11, 2020

Winner: Braun Strowmen by Pinfall
Grade: B- 

Match No.6: Drew McIntyre vs Seth Rollins

He’s @DMcIntyreWWE, and he’s about to bring the fight. #MITB pic.twitter.com/s25IeYFWyU

— WWE (@WWE) May 11, 2020

The Scottish Superstar backed Rollins to the corner proper away to show off his power. The challenge remained undeterred and put him in a headlock. It ended with Rollins getting knocked out of the ring. McIntyre dominated for countless minutes however one kick to the leg took him down. Rollins started out focusing on his knee with two single-leg crab and STF submissions.

The champ finally began to get better and even kicked out of some of Rollins’ first-class moves. The Monday Night Messiah grabbed a metal chair but modified his thought as he received into the ring. After both men kicked out of each other’s high-quality shots, McIntyre hit the Claymore to maintain his title. He provided Rollins with his hand as an exhibit of recognizing and the challenger common it in spite of looking upset.  

— WWE Universe (@WWEUniverse) May 11, 2020

Winner: Drew McIntyre By Pinfall
Grade: C+ 

Match No.7: Money in the Bank Ladder Matches – Men and Women

We’re taking things to @WWE HQ…

It’s time for the #MITB Ladder Matches! pic.twitter.com/ixcUknhiHb

— WWE Network (@WWENetwork) May 11, 2020

Asuka started out off strong by way of leaping onto the relaxation of the rivals from above the bank of elevators before she got inside one of them to omit a few floors.Brother Love made a surprising cameo in the bathroom as Mysterio ran by. As the men fought in one elevator, the female tried to get in the one next to it. A knockoff Doink additionally made an appearance.

Brooke concept she won the suit however Stephanie McMahon informed her that the briefcase she observed was no longer the right one. Styles observed a coffin interior a random room and Black locked him inside with it. Paul Heyman used to be playing a satisfactory unfold when absolutely everyone came running by.

 Otis threw a tray of food into his face to kickstart a meals fight. John Laurinaitis was once hit in the face with a pie. Mr McMahon even made an look to pressure Styles and Bryan out of his office. The women made it to the ring on the roof ahead of the men. Asuka took down the briefcase to declare victory. As Styles tried to take down the briefcase, it bought knocked out of his fingers and Otis caught it to get the win.  

— WWE (@WWE) May 11, 2020

Winner: Otis and Asuka wins the Men and Women Ladder Match Respectively
Grade: C+

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