AEW Dynamite 21st May Results: Highlights, Grade and Winner

Today AEW Dynamite featured Matt Hardy taking on Sammy Guevara, Jon Moxley took on a faceless member of The Dark Order, Orange Cassidy facing Rey Fenix, and Nyla Rose teamed up with Britt Baker to take on Hikaru Shida and Kris Statlander.

AEW Dynamite Quick Results

Match TypeWinnerLooserGrade
Singles MatchJon Moxley10B-
Singles MatchMJF Marko StuntB+
Singles MatchRey FenixOrange CassidyC-
Tag Team MatchNyla Rose and Britt BakerKris Statlander and Hikaru ShidaB-
Singles MatchMatt HardySammy Guevara


Match No.1: Jon Moxley vs 10

Brodie Lee began the show with The Dark Order on the stage to supply a promo. He had the AEW World Championship with him as he spoke about producing consequences and inspiring his men. He stated he has to win on Saturday to pay returned his followers for their loyalty. He called his masked follower the number 10 and stated he had been chosen to harm Moxley for him. Mox made his way to the ring after Lee and his other followers returned to the backstage area.

The champ took manipulate at once with a launch suplex and only let up after Aubrey Edwards warned him in the corner. It allowed 10 to take him down with a pump kick to the face.

The faceless follower got in a stunning quantity of offense as he hit a cutter and a textbook spinebuster. Mox drilled him with the Paradigm Shift out of nowhere but refused to go for the cowl right away.

He ultimately hit a piledriver and any other DDT to choose up the win. He referred to as out Lee after the suit and threatened to spoil 10’s arm with a chair if Lee did not come out in 10 seconds. Lee came on the big display and said Moxley made their fight personal. He left while 10 used to be left as a sacrifice.

Winner: Jon Moxley by Pinfall Grade:B-

Match No.2: MJF vs. Marko Stunt

Maxwell Jacob Friedman took on Marko Stunt beforehand of his in shape with Jungle Boy at Double or Nothing. The cockiest man in AEW took control and used a endure hug to wear down his smaller opponent. Stunt broke free however failed to capitalize on a sundown flip. MJF pulled him up from the mat and threw him across the ring with a belly to stomach suplex.

Stunt hit a slap to the face and a low kick before Friedman turned him internal out with a clothesline. Wardlow helped his friend cheat by using choking Stunt at the back of the ref’s back. The smallest man in AEW took MJF down with a stunning the front flip into a hurricanrana. He kept the upper hand when he sidestepped MJF to ship him into the steel steps. MJF hit a shoulder breaker and transitioned into an armbar to get the win.

Winner: MJF by Pinfall Grade: B+

Match No.3: Rey Fenix vs. Orange Cassidy

After the break, Cassidy made a comeback with a stunning string of speedy moves. He almost beat Fenix at his very own recreation with a diving DDT from the pinnacle rope. Kip Sabian sat on a ladder to watch the fit from the stage. A flurry of reversals and counters led to Fenix hitting a low blow whilst the ref was once distracted, observed by using a rolling cutter for the pin.

Winner: Rey Fenix by Pinfall Grade: C-

Match No.4: Nyla Rose and Britt Baker vs. Kris Statlander and Hikaru Shida

Rose tried to hit Shida with a kendo stick as all 4 women waited for the fit to begin. Shida and Statlander took manage while Baker chose to take a breather backyard the ring. The ref in the end, called for the bell so the healthy ought to begin. Rose countered an attempted double suplex however AEW’s resident alien maintained the higher hand. Rose exploded off the ropes with a forearm that sent her flying across the ring. Baker prevented a tag on every occasion Rose approached their corner.

We returned from the damage to see Baker in the ring with Statlander. Shida and Rose each acquired the tag. Surprisingly, Shida managed to keep the upper hand towards both opponents. Baker went down with a knee injury at one point, but Rose was still in a position to pick up the win with a Beast Bomb. The Native Beast set up a desk however Statlander held her in place, permitting Shida to put Rose via the desk with a stunning superplex.

Winner: Nyla Rose and Britt Baker by Pinfall Grade:B-

Match No.5: Matt Hardy vs. Sammy Guevara

Guevara is part of The Inner Circle and Hardy will group up with The Elite. Hardy took manage right away and took Guevara out of the ring so he may want to drop him throughout the barricade. The host of Damascus punished The Spanish God against the ring put up before Guevara was sent flying into the guardrail.

Guevara countered the Twist of Fate with a handstand and turned the tables with a series of forearms. Hardy caught him at some point of a springboard cutter however Guevara took him down with a hurricanrana and a dive over the top rope to the floor. After the break, Hardy regained the upper hand and commenced placing up for his finisher. Guevara saved discovering methods to preserve himself in the fight, even after Hardy ripped off his boot and bit his foot for some reason.

Hardy finished him off with a Twist of Fate but wasn’t relaxed with just getting a win. He grabbed a chair however before he should do anything, we noticed The Inner Circle conserving Kenny Omega in opposition to a purpose post. The Young Bucks showed up to make the save. The show ended with Hangman Page making his return to assist The Elite.

Winner: Hardy by Pinfall Grade: B+

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