WWE NXT 20th May Results: Highlights, Winners and Grade

WWE NXT moves to the Way for WWE Nxt Takeover which gonna occur on June 7th.  Rhea Ripley returned on the May 20 edition of WWE NXT with a mission in mind. She needed to first takedown Io Shirai on her way to Charlotte Flair and the NXT Women’s Championship.

WWE NXT Quick Results

Match TypeWinnerLooserGrade
Single MatchKarrion Kross Liam GrayC-
Single MatchFantasmaAkira TozawaC-
Single MatchYimSantana GarrettB+
Single MatchStrongDexter LumisC+
Tag Team MatchDanny Burch and Oney LorcanEver-RiseC+
Single Match Drake MaverickKushidaC+
Single MatchShiraiRhea RipleyB+

Match No.1: Karrion Kross vs. Liam Gray

Karrion Kross made quick work of Liam Gray, making him tap out to the Kross Jacket. Tommaso Ciampa came out to welcome his attacker to NXT before pointing out he would face him at NXT TakeOver: In Your House.

Winner: Kross by Pinfall Grade: C-

Match No.2: Interim Cruiserweight Tournament: Akira Tozawa vs. El Hijo del Fantasma

The velocity of Akira Tozawa and El Hijo del Fantasma used to be on display early earlier than the luchador realized he needed to change strategies. He brutalized The Stamina Monster on the apron with a running frog splash before showcasing his electricity to incorporate Tozawa.

The Stamina Monster answered with his signature German suplexes, however, Fantasma was still too much for him. The luchador sealed the win with the Phantom Driver. Later in the night, Fantasma saved Tozawa from a surprise assault through the mysterious luchadors making an attempt to abduct wrestlers.

Winner: Fantasma by Pinfall Grade: C-

Match No.3: Mia Yim vs. Santana Garrett

Mia Yim did no longer let Santana Garrett get in a good deal offence before hitting the Protect Ya Neck for the win. Candice LeRae made fun of Yim for failing to deliver in opposition to Charlotte Flair, and Johnny Gargano made sure The HBIC landed difficult on the flooring in the subsequent fight. This led to Keith Lee coming to her resource and sending the heel running.

Winner: Yim By Pinfall Grade: B+

Match No.4: Roderick Strong vs. Dexter Lumis

Roderick Strong used to be the best grappler in this contest, but Dexter Lumis continuously had him off guard. His creepy unchanging gaze compelled The Messiah of the Backbreaker to let up at times. This allowed Lumis to take advantage of explosive strikes and slams. The enigmatic Superstar took Strong’s chops with quiet glee, however, Lumis was once now not quite capable to put away the match.

The Messiah of the Backbreaker stole the win with a surprise pinfall. Afterwards, Lumis caught Strong with the kata gatame choke. Adam Cole and Bobby Fish attempted to make the save, but The Velveteen Dream ran in. He put his physique on the line to take away Undisputed Era as Lumis choked out his opponent.

Winner: Strong by Pinfall Grade: C+

Match No.5: Danny Burch and Oney Lorcan vs. Ever-Rise

Winner: Burch and Lorcan by Submission Grade: C+

Match No.6: Interim Cruiserweight Tournament: Kushida vs. Drake Maverick

Jake Atlas watched at ringside as his event used to be on the line. The technical offense of Kushida virtually outmatched Drake Maverick. The Japanese Superstar caught Maverick in repeated arm submissions, but the underdog refused to give up.

As Kushida had Maverick trapped in constant ache nearly tapping out, the underdog reversed the stress into a shocking pinfall to get away with the largest win of his career. Byron Saxton announced that next week Kushida, Maverick and Atlas would combat in a Triple Threat to determine the real winner of Block A in the Interim Cruiserweight Title Tournament.

Winner: Maverick by Pinfall Grade: C+

Match No.8: Rhea Ripley vs. Io Shirai

Rhea Ripley and Io Shirai pulled no punches in a brutally bodily clash. The Joshi Judas assaulted The Nightmare with everything in her arsenal, however, Ripley would now not remain down. She had to make a statement. Charlotte Flair headed down the ramp to watch her competitors. Shirai used head scissors to ship Ripley into The Queen. Charlotte obtained involved, attacking The Joshi Judas to cause a disqualification. She hit Ripley with a Spear for the true measure.

Winner: Shirai by DQ Grade: B+

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