WWE Smackdown Live 29th May Results: Highlights, Grade and Winner

The Today’s edition of WWE Smackdown Live is going to determine the semifinals of the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. The Moment of bliss show will also add exciting terms to today’s show.

WWE Smackdown Quick Result

Match TypeWinnerLosserGrade
Battle Royal for
IC Championship
Women’s Single Lacey EvansSonny DevilleNo Contest
Women’s SingleSasha BanksAlexa BlissC+
Men’s SingleShorty GCesaroB+
IC Championship
Daniel BryanSheamusB-

WWE Smackdown Match No.1: Battle Royal to determine Semifinals of IC championship

Show starting with the accident scene as Jeff Hardy hit Elias by his car. The Living Truth had to be stretched into an ambulance. The Charismatic Enigma used to be located inebriated, and police officers on the scene arrested him for a manageable hit-and-run. Adam Pearce led a discussion of the situation with the Intercontinental Championship Tournament. Sheamus and King Corbin fought for a 2nd shot. AJ Styles did not desire to fight. Daniel Bryan desired to fight.

Pearce booked a conflict royal the place the winner would fight The Planet’s Champion later in the night to determine who would combat The Phenomenal One in the finals. Corbin dominated the early element of this fit till Jey Uso threw him out in a surprise move. Shorty G eradicated each Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura, however, The Swiss Cyborg snuck in and eradicated G in the back of the referee’s back.

Winner: Sheamus wins the Battle Royal Grade: B+

WWE Smackdown Match No.2: Lacey Evans vs Sonny Deville

Lacey Evans attacked Sonya Deville from behind as Deville cut a promo on The Sassy Southern Belle. The two went to hostilities from the bell, buying and selling forearms. Both put up their hair as they traded trash talk. The brawling persisted to the outdoor the place the referee had to count number them out.

Result: No Contest

WWE Smackdown Match No.3: The Moment of Bliss and Alexa Bliss vs Sasha Banks

Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross added The New Day as distinctive friends for a Tag Team Champion Summit. Cross gave Big E Celtic pancakes she made by hand whilst E gave her returned a mug with coffee beans in water. Bayley and Sasha Banks interrupted to set up the genuine excellent tag team on SmackDown, but the two heels acquired roasted by The Goddess. She pointed out The Legit Boss was once the solely one besides gold.

The Role Model booked Banks vs. Bliss on the spot, even even though Banks used to be in high heels. Bayley ran down sports activities footwear for The Boss before the bell. Cross cheered on her quality friend as The Goddess fought via the technical offence of Banks. Bayley and Cross ended warfare on the apron, inflicting the champ to throw the tag group champion into her first-class friend. This set up a corner double knee strike from Banks observed by means of an O’Connor Roll for three.

Winner: Sasha Banks by Pinfall Grade: C+

WWE Smackdown Match No.4: Cesaro vs Shorty G

Shorty G confronted Cesaro and Shinsuke Nakamura about ruining his second in the warfare royal. The Swiss Cyborg made enjoyable of him till G punched him in the face. The combat persisted at the bell as G hit a series of rolling overhead mule kicks. While Cesaro subsequently caught up to the speed of the match, he used to be no longer prepared for the smaller man to slip thru his grip into a shock roll up for three.

Winner: Shorty G By pinfall

WWE Smackdown Match No 5: Daniel Bryan vs Sheamus

Sheamus made certain that Daniel Bryan was once now not the sparkling man in this contest for long. He beat down and brutalized The Planet’s Champion, throwing him into the barricade and hitting a diving clothesline for two.

The Celtic Warrior taunted the crowd’s pleasure and Bryan himself for his previous losses to Sheamus. Every time Bryan obtained up, Sheamus put him down again which include a devastating going for walks double axe handle. However, as The Celtic Warrior prepared for a Brogue Kick, Jeff Hardy returned and distracted Sheamus, setting up a walking knee for the win. Afterwards, Hardy attacked Sheamus and despatched him running.

Winner: Daniel Bryan by Pinfall Grade: C+

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