IPL 2020: UAE Willing to conduct IPL this year

UAE on IPL 2020

The Emirates cricket Association made a statement that they are willing to conduct IPL in UAE if BCCI permits it. Previously Sri Lankan cricket board also requested BCCI for conducting IPL in Sri Lanka but till now there is no answer from Indian cricket board. 

The Emirates Cricket Association president confirms that they will make all necessary steps if iPL conducted in UAE

Previously BCCI puts the pause button to IPL till October due to coronavirus pandemic. But in India the Corona virus cases has been increasing tremendously day by day which brings lots of troubles in conducting IPL in India. 

The Emirates Cricket Association head also added that they also consulted England cricket board for conducting their premier league matches in UAE.

In 2014, the first session of IPL was conducted in UAE due to the parliamentary election in India. Because of this previous instances, BCCI may also have an idea to conduct IPL in UAE and soon the BCCI committee members will have a talk about it

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