Did Darren Sammy Racially allegation by former SRH Players

Darren Sammy on Ishant Sharma’s Instagram post

Ishant Sharma’s Old Instagram post created a huge wave, as his post in the favor of Daren Sammy’s Racial Claim. Darren Sammy, the former West Indies captain needs apology from the players who racially abused him at 2013 -14 IPL season. “In Sunrisers Hyderabad camp, most of the players uses a word Kalu to call Me and Thisara Perara” he added

Darren Sammy, captain of two times T20 Champion side made a statement in Instagram post that he and Thisara Perera were frequently called as kalu in Telugu by his Sunrises Hydrabad team members. He also add that he thought the word Kalu, which means strongest man in Telugu.

The former captain also made a statement that “if someone calls me the word Kallu, the whole dressing room starts to laugh at me. With the doubt, I asked my friends about the word Kalu. They told that it means burnt, I was totally shocked by hearing this”.

Darren Sammy says that he need an  apology from the players personally who abused him so that we can finish the problem with private communication.

The old Instagram post of Ishant Sharma which is circulating in the social media has a caption of word ” Kallu” which produces enough evidence for Darren Sammy Claim.

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