ICC Rules and Regulation Released|Interim Rules |

The International Cricket Association ( ICC )approved  new rules and regulations created by  Anil Kumble led  committee Which includes ban in usage of Saliva and Covid-19 replacements. | ICC Rules|

This Interim Rules and regulations are made to reduce the risk factor when International matches ready to begin. 

ICC Rules : Covid 19 Replacements

  • Teams Can replace the players who are suffering from covid-19  symptoms during the match in the line with Concussion substitute.
  •  The replacements should be like for like and Match Refree will have a final decision on it
  • This Replacement will only for Test Match and it will not applicable for ODI and T20 Matches.

ICC Rules : Ban on Applying Saliva in Ball

  • Players are not allowed to apply saliva in the ball during the Match
  • If any players applied Saliva in the Ball, two Warning will be given to the Team and it contiues which leads to Penalty for Batting Team

ICC Rules : Home Umpires

  • ICC remove the rule of Neutral Umpires so that the local home Team Umpires can stand in the Match.
  • The ICC will be able to appoint locally based match officials from the Emirates ICC Elite Panel of Match Officials and the Emirates ICC International Panel of Match Officials.

ICC Rules : Extra DRS Appeal

  • Due to the Participation of Local Umpires, The DRS appeal will be raised upto 3 per innings for Individual Teams in Test Matches
  • For ODIs, the DRS will be raised to 2 per Innings for Individual Teams
  • The ICC Cricket Operations team will support Match Referees when processing Code of Conduct breaches, and a neutral Elite Panel match referee will conduct any hearing remotely via video link.

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