WWE Raw 8th June Results : Winner, Grade and Highlights

Just one week more for WWE Backlash Greatest Wrestling match ever, this week WWE raw will be in the peak as most of the face off starts tonight. Edge and Christian returns to Tonight Raw with the Peep show, Andrade, Angel Garza and Kevin Owens collide in the triple treat match for US title opportunity against Apollo Crews and Bayley and Sasha Banks returns to Monday night Raw after winning their Women’s Tag team Championship against Cross and Alexa in last week Smackdown Live

WWE Raw Match No.1: Bayley and Sasha Banks vs. The IIconics vs. Charlotte Flair and Asuka

  • Asuka first entered the Arena followed by New Womens Tag team Champions Banks and Bayley and further interrupted by Charlotte Flair. Later the Ilonics breaks the ring and officillly Triple Treat Tag team Match Starts.
  • As Asuka and Charlotte made a clear domination in this Match, In end Charlotte prepared for Moonsault but Asuka Taged in and delivers Asuka Lock to a Victory.
  • After the Match, Charlotte attacked Asuka in the back and her music hits.

Winner: Charlotte and Asuka by Submission Grade: C+

WWE Raw Match No.2: Black and Humberto vs Murphy and Austin Theroy

  • Seth Rollins joined the Commentary table with Saxton and Joe for Rey Mysterio Medical Update Interview
  • Rey Said that he is not medically cleared and both the Superstars exchanges the word brutally until Black flies and falls on Seth Rollins
  • The Tag Team Match ends in the hurry way as Black and Humberto pins Theroy and Murphy.
  • Rey Mysterio music hits but Seth Rollins entered the ring by wearing Rey’s Mask.
  • The Seth Rollins camp started attacking Black with Rollins ended with the Stomp.

Winner: Black and Humberto by Pinfall Grade: B+

WWE Raw Mid Segment: The Peep Show: Edge and Christan

  • Christian asked Edge that if he is ready for Backlash Match against Randy Orton on Sunday
  • Christian added that ” if you are not confident in this match, better step out off this ring and go home”.
  • Randy Orton interrupted the show and said that he will end Edge carrer in Backlash.

WWE Raw Match No.3: No. 1 Contender for the US Title: Kevin Owens vs. Andrade vs. Angel Garza

  • As Match Started, Both Andrade and Angel Garza started Attacking Kevin Owens.
  • Suddenly Garza and Andrade turned each other made Zelina fall down
  • At last KO made stunner to pin Garza but Andrade kicks out KO to pinfall Garza.

Winner: Andrade by Pinfall Grade: C-

WWE Raw Match No.4: Bobby Lashley and MVP vs The Viking Raiders

  • Drew McIntyre and Street Profits are in the ring side to Cheer up to Viking Raiders
  • As Match continues, Bobby Lashley locking in the Full Nelson to ivar for Submission.
  • After the Match, Booby Lashley continues the Full Nelson, The Street Profits hold him back from the Lock. At the time, Drew entered the ring and produces the Claymore to Bobby Lashley.

Winner: Bobby Lashley and MVP by Submission Grade: C+

WWE Raw Match No.5: Charlotte Flair vs Asuka

  • Both Charlotte and Asuka made their way to the ring, Sasha Banks and Bayley are in the Commentator area and The Ilonics are with the Future WWE Superstars
  • Charlotte started the match by attacking Asuka brutally as she slapped Charlotte few minutes back.
  • The Illonics entered the ring side and starts to attack Banks and Bayley
  • As the Match continues, Nia Jax entered the ring to attack Asuka.
  • Charlotte pinned Asuka with the help of Nia Jax and Nia produced samoa Drop to Asuka.

Winner: Charlotte by PInfall Grade: C+

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