WWE Smackdown Live 19th June Results: Winner, Grade and Highlights

WWE Smackdown returns to Performance Center after the quality matches in the WWE Backlash – The Greatest Wrestling Match ever. In Today’s Show, AJ Styles will celebrate his IC Title Winning Ceremony and Bray Wyatt is returning to his roaster after a gap of Month

WWE Smackdown Opening Segment : AJ Styles Championship Celebration

  • AJ Styles made his way to the ring along with the WWE Smackdown Superstars stands around the ring.
  • AJ Styles asked Daniel Bryan to wear the Belt on his wrist and to Congratulate him for the victory.
  • Daniel Bryan asked AJ to defend his title to every superstar in the ring who has a capacity to beat him.
  • Matt Riddle made his way to the Ring and attacked AJ Styles and the referee calls for the Match.

WWE Smackdown Match No.1: AJ Styles vs. Matt Riddle

  • The Match started with the Domination of Matt Riddle towards AJ Styles/
  • As AJ Throws Riddle to outside the ring, we witnessed the small fight from Riddle and Corbin
  • In Other Side, AJ and Daniel Bryan face off helps Matt Riddle to take the Advantage and produces the BroDerek for the Victory.

Winner: Matt Riddle by Pinfall Grade: B+

WWE Smackdown Mid Segment: Jeff Hardy on Sheamus

WWE SmackdownMatch No.2: Shorty G vs. Mojo Rawley

  • Before the Match begans, Short attacked Mojo Rawley in the entrance arena.
  • As soon as the Match begans, Mojo starts attacking Short but Short counters back to the Roll up to victory

Winner: Short by Pinfall Grade: C+

WWE Smackdown Mid Segment: MIZ Tv – Special Guest : Mandy Rose

WWE Smackdown Match No.3: The New Day vs The Lucha House Party

  • Sasha and Bayley sats on the Commentary table for this Match.
  • Big E caught Lince with the Splash and counts for two.
  • In the end, Kofi Kingston produces Stomp on Lince and pinned him for the victory.
  • After the Match ends, Cesaro and Nakamura attacked the New Day and took them out.

Winner: The New Day by Pinfall Grade: C+

WWE Smackdown Match No.4: Sasha Banks vs Nikki Cross

  • Nikki Cross started attacking Sasha Banks and Bayley who presented in the Commentary ring for Previous match.
  • Officially the Match started, Nikki Cross continued her vengence towards Banks.
  • Banks too attacked Nikki Cross and produces the victory against Nikki Cross

Winner: Sasha Banks by Pinfall Grade: B-

WWE Smackdown End Segment: FireFly Fun House Returns

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