Liverpool, now the Champion of England after 30 years

Liverpool become the Champions of Premier league 2019-20 season after Chelsea defeated Man City by 2-1 on Thursday. After the time span of 30 years, Klopp men claims their 19th Premier League Title since 1989-90.

Liverpool Coach Klopp made his emotional interview to Sky Sports

“I have no words, it is unbelievable. It is much more than I ever thought it would be possible. Becoming Champions with this club is incredible. Knowing how much Kenny supported us – it is for you as well Kenny and Stevie who had to wait a long time and now it is for all. The boys admire you and it is easy for me to motivate the team because of our great history and it is unbelievable. The 95-100 minutes of the City game were very tense. I did not want to be involved really but when you are watching and you are involved then you hope. The big chances that Chelsea had, the penalty decision, etc so it was quite intense and it was an incredible achievement of my players. What they did over the last two-three years is just exceptional and pure joy for me to coach them. It is a relief because of the three months interruption. Nobody knew how it would come back, the games are difficult in the Premier League, each game is difficult. I was very happy last night, it gave me 100% and that we will be fine. It was important for players and supporters, but tonight it is for you out there.”

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