Sourav Ganguly has been appointed has The New BCCI president with the no-contest election in BCCI Headquarters in Mumbai. After the Nomination process ended in the BCCI election Only Sourav Ganguly has been nominated for the post for the chairman of the BCCI.

After the Celebration in the Kolkata, New BCCI Chairman Sourav Ganguly Reported in the press Conference That he has a huge job in the BCCI process. His Major focus will be on the first Class cricket and he also added that Team India is currently the top most team in the world but their performance in the semi-finals and finals should be improved, I hope that Virat will able to tackle this point in the future.

He furtherly added that I was appointed as the Captain of India that the crisis time, but I could able to clear the problem at a certain time. Likewise, I will able to clear the problem in BCCI and make it to the Good position in the Short time.
As cricket experts predict that the Ganguly is good talented person and he can able to tackle the problem and make BCCI to go in the right way.

This blog is written by Akash Balor

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