WWE Champion Brock Lesnar attacks Cain Velasquez, Rey Mysterio and his Dominic here on Friday Night WWE Smackdown. 

The Show Has been Kicked off with the MIZ TV as Team Hogan and Team Flair along with their Captains and Mentors. Shorty G, Ali, Roman Reigns are from Team Hogan and Nakamura and King Corbin are from Team Smackdown. The Hogan announces that Both teams face in Main event Tonight. Cesaro joins the Team flair For tonight’s Match.

Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode vs The New Day

As Match started the early Domination from New Day doesn’t help them as Dolph Ziggler Pinfall quickly against Kofi Kingston as Dolph Ziggler and Bobby Roode Defeated New Day. After the Match, all the Tag teams from Backstage fight against each other in the stage.

Evans vs Connos- Women’s Match

Evans Kicked Connos in the mouth makes her to down as Evans defeated Connos via Pinfall.

Firefly funHouse is Back

The Burnt Ramblin Rabbit is back when Bray Wyatt Kissed it as Firefly funhouse is back

Drew Gulak vs Kalisto

Before the start of the match, Drew Gulak Introduce himself and he showed the PPT of Brock Lesnar against Tyson Fury in Crown jewel. Kalisto Start attacks him as Braun Strowmen Returns and Powerslam Drew Gulak and sents a Message to Tyson Fury.

 After this match Michael Cole interviews Daniel Bryan about his Future as Shinsuke Nakamura and Samy zayn interrupts. They Asked Daniel to join in their Team but he left the stage without a word 

Nikki Cross vs Mandy Rose

Nikki Cross Defeated Mandy rose by Pinfall.

Brock Lesnar Attacks Dominic

When Rey Mysterio and Cain is Waiting for face to face Against Brock Lesnar, he attacks Dominics in the Backstage. The Beast too attacked Cain and Rey Mysterio in the Care Room.

Team Hogan vs Team Flair

As Match Started Roman Reigns Dominated the Match as Team Hogan Defeated Team Flair in the 6 Man Tag team Match.

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