Only two nights more for WWE Crown jewel in Abu Dhabi, Seth Rollins Stands tall as Anywhere Counts Match against Bray Wyatt.

After a Long Time Manager, Paige returns to Monday Night Raw and Highlighted the name of Kairi sane and Asuka. The Express of tomorrow Splits a Green Mist into her Face. Bench Lynch returns and Attacks both. The match becomes Official between Kairi and Becky

Becky Lynch defeated Kairi Sane by Submission.
Grade  B+

Murphy vs Truth

The Singh Brothers interrupt the match followed by Many wrestlers which Distract R truth

Murphy Defeated R truth By Pinfall.

Drew Mcintyre vs Ricochet

Both the Ric Flair and Hulk Hogan is in Outside Ring. Ricochet and Drew plays a vital match as Randy Orton Sudden RKO to Ricochet makes Drew Mcintyre to Disqualify.

Ricochet defeated Drew Mcintyre by Disqualification.
Grade – A

Viking Raiders vs Chicago Clubs

Raw Tag-team Champions Viking Raiders are set to compete with Local Competitor as Match ends Simple  

Viking Raiders Defeated Chicago Clubs By Pinfall.
Grade – C+

Andrade vs Sincara

Sin Cara Brought his own partner to the Ringside. Early domination from Andrade but tossed outside by Sincara.
The Carolina and Vega brawl outside as Andrade puts Dirty Pin on Rops to secure Win Against Sin Cara  

Andrade Defeated Sincara By Pinfall.
Grade – B

The Liconics Vs Natalya and Charlotte

As soon as the Match Starts Charlotte and Natalya Dominated the Liconics as Natalya Sharpshooter on Billy Kay and Flair speared Royce  to secure a win

Natalya and Charlotte Defeated The Liconics.
Grade – B

Seth Rollins Vs Erick Rowan

The Match went outside the Stairs and ring as Finally Seth Rollins uses the Forklift to Pinfall Erick Rowan.

Seth Rollins Defeated Erick rowan by Pinfall.
Grade – A

AJ styles vs Carrillo

AJ styles Defeated Carrillo by Pinball.
Grade – B

Bobby Lasley and Lana Embarrassed Rusev.

Lana And Rusev Set for Divorce in The Kings Court with Jerry Lawyer. Bobby Lasley returns and Attacks Rusev. Lana Too used a Stick to attack his Husband. Bobby Lasley Liplocked Lana In the Center of the Ring in front of Rusev.
Grade – A+

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