After the Fantastic last night in WWE Elimination Chamber, WWE Universe back into the Monday Night Raw herein Washington DC. The Commentators of this Match are Tom Phillips, Byron Saxton, and Jerry “The King” Lawyer.

  • Kickoff Segment
Shayna Baszler appears on the titantron. She says at WrestleMania, she is taking the Raw Women’s Championship. Baszler says, “And there’s now not a damn factor you can do about it, bitch.” A “Becky” chant options up. Lynch says Baszler cut thru the entire discipline in minutes, inclusive of the one individual it took Lynch her complete profession to beat. 

Baszler was once a successful cage fighter, the longest blended champion in NXT history, and a world-class scumbag. Lynch calls Baszler a black gap of charisma. While she may additionally be a bitch, she’s the bitch that runs this division. Another “Becky” chant preferences up. Lynch used to solely apprehend her as the constipated robotic from NXT that refused to shake her hand after final year’s WrestleMania. Lynch remembers. 

Lynch says Baszler was once bitter that she ripped this title out of her friend Ronda Rousey’s broken hand. Lynch has beat trained killers and will do it again. At WrestleMania, it’ll be The Man vs. The Queen of Spades. Lynch believes Baszler is underestimating her. She’ll smash Baszler’s face in for it. Lynch holds the title up and moves away.

Grade: C

Match No.1: Rey Mysterio vs. Angel Garza w/ Zelina Vega

The first suit of the night noticed Rey Mysterio take on Raw’s most up-to-date Superstar and the man who has been a thorn in his facet for weeks, Angel Garza. Mysterio started out off strong but a few counters from Garza put him off balance. 

Zelina Vega’s customer was once in full control as the show cut to a break. We returned to see The Master of the 619 making a comeback after the youthful superstar managed the motion in the course of the commercial. After a few close calls, Mysterio scored the win with the 619 as Vega appeared disenchanted in her client.

Winner:  Rey Mysterio by Pinfall 
Grade: B+

Mid Segments :

We see Kevin Owens taking walks into the area previously today only to be blocked by AOP and Murphy. Seth Rollins walks up laughing and ingesting popcorn. Rollins asks if Owens needs some popcorn. Owens takes his baggage and throws it at Akam. The rest of them attack Owens and throw him into some steel before kicking his head towards a crate. They throw Owens into a cage and dump a tray cart on a pinnacle of him. Referees and producers run-up to wreck it up. Rollins laughs and continues consuming popcorn while moving off.

Charlotte Flair music hits, After a video displaying Rhea Ripley touring the site of WrestleMania 36, Charlotte Flair got here out to discuss their upcoming title match. She gave a promo about how everyone has been evaluating her and Ripley and declared there is only one Queen and she will dethrone the NXT women’s champion.

This delivered the Australian wrestler to the ring to respond. Before she ought to talk, Charlotte cut her off and stated this is Raw, no longer NXT. She said this was once her kingdom and tried to excuse Ripley from the ring. The NXT women’s champion responded with a massive right hand before making her exit. 

Match No.2: Zack Ryder w/ Curt Hawkins vs. Bobby Lashley

The bell rings, and Lashley’s shoulder blocks Ryder down. Lashley places him in the nook and viciously stomps him down. Lashley hits a walking shoulder to the midsection and chokes him with his boot. Lashley sizes him up and charges, however, Lashley boots him back. Lashley sidesteps a missile dropkick and connects with a vicious spinebuster. Lashley hits the Dominator for the win.

Winner: Bobby Lashley by Pinfall
Grade: C

Match No.3: Erick Rowan vs. Drew McIntyre

Drew McIntyre confirmed some activity in Erick Rowan’s cage to sucker him in for a boot to the face to kick this in shape off. The two powerhouses took the combat out of the ring where The Scottish Psychopath launched The Redwood with an overhead suplex. He grabbed the cage containing the spider and proceeded to smash it with the steel steps. An irate Rowan failed to make him pay and McIntyre spiked him with a Future Shock DDT earlier than nailing the Claymore for the win. 

Winner: Drew McIntyre by Pinfall
Grade: B

Match No.4: The Kabuki Warriors vs. Natalya and Liv Morgan

    The Kabuki Warriors came out before the match and delivered a promo almost entirely in Japanese. It was easy to see what they were trying to say but it might have gone on a little too long. They took on two other women who competed in the Chamber on Sunday, Liv Morgan and Natalya. Everyone looked a little worse for wear after what Baszler did to them. 

Kairi Sane and Morgan started for their teams with a furious exchange. Ruby Riott eventually made her way to ringside to watch her former protege in action. Sarah Logan joined her and they eventually got into a fight. Morgan took them both out with a crossbody from the top turnbuckle while Nattie was being punished in the ring. The Kabuki Warriors picked up the win.

Winner: The Kabuki Warriors
Grade: B

    Mid Segment:
    AJ Styles came out with Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson to talk about how The Undertaker has price him two big wins in current weeks. We noticed a replay of The Deadman exhibit up at Elimination Chamber before Styles talked about how it appeared like Taker had retired when Roman Reigns beat him a few years ago. He formally challenged Undertaker to a match at WrestleMania. 

Styles referred to Taker with the aid of his actual identify and said he ought to have retired. The Phenomenal One addressed Michelle McCool and told the few followers who didn’t already comprehend that she and Taker are married. He stated McCool will be the one to bury Taker and he plans to assist her to do it. 

Match No.5: WWE 24/7 Championship-Cedric Alexander vs. Riddick Moss (c)

    Riddick Moss was out after the spoil to shield the 24/7 title towards Cedric Alexander. At this point, Moss is the longest-reigning champion. Mojo Rawley’s former enforcer took control proper away and used his energy advantage to maintain Alexander grounded. The high-flyer tried to get in some offence however a brutal neckbreaker from Moss put him away for the pin. 

Winner: Riddick Moss by Pinfall

Grade: C

Mid Segment:

MVP is in the ring when we come returned from the spoil to see him going for walks down Washington, D.C. MVP says he’s transitioning from being an in-ring competitor to an absolute brainiac. He’s tasted championship gold and can assist others get there. In order to build his stable, he needs winners. MVP desires to build his steady with Edge. Edge is a historical pal of his that desires focus. With MVP’s centre of attention and leadership, he can make Edge a champion again. Edge just has to centre of attention and pay attention to him. They have that variety of relationship. 

Edge car arrival to the arena and made his return to the ring. MVP remains about the attack of his Wife by Orton. Edge starts attacking MVO meantime, Randy Orton enters into the ring and both start hurting each other. Edge gives Randy Orton the RKO and Randy Move away from the area.

Match No.6: Seth Rollins w/ Murphy vs. Aleister Black and 8 Men Tag Match

Seth Rollins tried to recruit Aleister Black to his crew before in the night. The Dutch Destroyer grew to become him down and that is what led to this match. Murphy used to be at ringside to watch his leader fight his former rival. They started out with a simple lockup and trade of holds. Their technical prowess used to be on show as they went returned and forth till they got here to a stalemate. We returned to see The Monday Night Messiah in control. The former NXT champion turned matters around while fending off Murphy at ringside. The Juggernaut ended up inflicting a disqualification by interfering. Black took him down however the numbers game received the better of him. Rollins is known as out AOP to help beat him down. 

The Viking Raiders and The Street Profits ran down to make the retailer and Montez Ford suggested they turn it into an eight-man tag match, which oddly excluded Black from the mix. It used to be a standard multi-man encounter. If whatever it made the previous healthy between Rollins and Black a little less special. The suit lasted longer than predicted and ended up being the fundamental event of the show. It nearly felt like WWE had something else planned and had to trade direction at the end. Rollins and employer scored the win. 

Winner: Seth Rollins, Buddy Murphy and AOP
Grade: B+

After the match, Kevin Owens returns to the ring and attacks Seth Rollins but Seth Rollins aware of it and Neutralize the attack of Kevin Owens and delivered him a Stomp

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