WWE NXT 6th May 2020: Results, Highlights and Grade – Adam Cole Retains his Title and Much more

Today WWE NXT session brings you the massive matches including the WWE NXT Championship on line including Charlotte Flair gonna defend her title first time in NXT match and  various WWE NXT in-ring debut to be held tonight 

Match No.1: Jonny Gargano vs Dominic Dijakovik

All Heart. No Soul.

It’s the @JohnnyGargano way. #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/cMx37fhLtm

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Dominik Dijakovic’s power and ferocity were too plenty for Johnny Gargano early. However, a clothesline to the again of the proper knee allowed The Rebel Heart to chop the huge man down. When the big man recovered, Candice LeRae walked down to distract him. Dijakovic fought again all the identical with an impressive flip off the pinnacle rope into a superkick. Gargano uncovered the turnbuckle then sent the huge man into it with head scissors to set up the One Final Beat for the win.  

This (cold) rebel heart. πŸ’”@JohnnyGargano gets the better of @DijakovicWWE on #WWENXT! @CandiceLeRae pic.twitter.com/hLa5vsN3LV

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner:  Gargano by Pinfall

Match No.2: Interim cruiserweight Tournament- Akira Tozawa vs Jack Gallagher

These two know each other 𝓼𝓸 well.

Our first Interim NXT #Cruiserweight Championship Tournament match of the night starts RIGHT NOW on #WWENXT! #205Live @GentlemanJackG @TozawaAkira pic.twitter.com/pSVVUWqMfx

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

    Jack Gallagher seemed poised to fight Akira Tozawa early in this match with a technical focus, but he was not ready for how far The Stamina Monster was willing to go to win. Tozawa hit a DDT onto the apron then his diving senton in the ring for the win. Tozawa called out El Hijo del Fantasma in an interview after the match, promising to beat him.
…and just like that @TozawaAkira is 2-0 in the Interim NXT #Cruiserweight Championship Tournament! #WWENXT @GentlemanJackG pic.twitter.com/J6Q2bnxroI

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner: Akira Tozawa by Pinfall
Grade: C+

Match No:3 – Xia Lee vs Chelsea Green

@XiaWWE ALWAYS impresses!” – @TheBethPhoenix

AGREED. #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/51E85izk4c

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

Robert Stone introduced Chelsea Green, who came in confident despite the dominance of Xia Li. Li almost wiped away her smile with an impressive series of strikes. However, Aliyah distracted the Chinese Superstar, setting up Green to hit the I’m Prettier for the win. 

Run while you can, @WWE_Aliyah

With the help of #Aliyah, @ImChelseaGreen scores a win for The #RobertStoneBrand over @XiaWWE! #WWENXT @RobertStoneWWE pic.twitter.com/BpyLeCDRRP

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

Winner: Green wins by Pinfall
Grade: C+ 

Match No.4: Karrion Kross vs Lion Ruff

Tick… Tock… Tick… Tock.@WWEKarrionKross & @Lady_Scarlett13 stopped the clock. #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/K0j5K17gM7

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Karrion Kross made an incredible entrance led by Scarlett before refusing to waste time. A few devastating Saito suplexes set up Kross to locked in the Kross Jacket for the faucet out.  

A new regime is upon us…

They tried to warn you. ❌ #WWENXT @WWEKarrionKross @Lady_Scarlett13 pic.twitter.com/qXoRcfL0gX

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner: Kross by Submission

Match No.5: Charlotte Flair vs Lo Shirai

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

Charlotte Flair’s confidence was once quickly shattered by means of the velocity with which Io Shirai kicked her in the face. The contest went back and forth, however The Queen felt herself losing control towards The Joshi Judas quickly. 

As the two fought outside, The Queen smacked her with a kendo stick to motive a disqualification. As Charlotte persevered to attack Shirai, going for a Figure-Eight around the steel post, Rhea Ripley again and ran off the NXT women’s champion. The Joshi Judas nagged Ripley for getting concerned in her business. 

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner: Lo by Disqualification
Grade: D

Match No.6: Kushida vs Tony Atlas

WHAT. A. SEQUENCE. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘#WWENXT @KUSHIDA_0904 @iamjakeatlas pic.twitter.com/YIEfINg6cX

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

Tony Atlas hit hard early, connecting on a collection of athletic strikes which includes a stunning enzuigiri, but Kushida just saved moving. As Atlas jumped off the top rope, the Japanese Superstar caught him in a go arm breaker for a rapid tap out.

Afterwards, Kushida promised that he would join the legacy of top-notch cruiserweights and emerge as the next NXT cruiserweight champion. 

He secured a victory tonight, but will @KUSHIDA_0904 win the entire Interim #WWENXT #Cruiserweight Championship Tournament?

Time will tell. ⌚ pic.twitter.com/Cyz5RsUuAf

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner: Kushida by Submission
Grade: C+

Match No.7: Cameron Grimes vs. Denzel Dejournette

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Finn Balor walked to the stage podium, talking to his attacker directly. He did now not know who had assaulted him, however, he promised to make him pay. He warned that the attack would not get him anywhere. He would suffer for what he did.

Cameron Grimes went for the Cave In right after the bell, but Denzel Dejournette caught him with a few belly-to-belly suplexes earlier than falling to Grimes’ finisher. Afterwards, Grimes mocked Balor and acquired laid out with the aid of The Prince. 

“There’s a snake hiding in the long grass back there, but I’ll find him, and when I do, the best way to kill a snake… CHOP OFF HIS HEAD.” – @FinnBalor #WWENXT pic.twitter.com/1hxaBCnsOe

β€” WWE NXT (@WWENXT) May 7, 2020

Winner: Grimes by Pinfall
Grade: C+

Match No.8: Adam Cole vs Velveteen dream

3️⃣4️⃣0️⃣ days as champ. BOOM.#WWENXT @AdamColePro pic.twitter.com/Jh7hMiJrFh

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Adam Cole mocked The Velveteen Dream at some stage in the match, motivating the challenger. As Dream received so close to the win, Undisputed Era headed to the ring. Dexter Lumis stopped Roderick Strong and Bobby Fish from getting involved. The referee went down challenging in the chaos earlier than the challenger hit the Dream Valley Driver. The authentic recover lengthy after Dream must have won. Cole hit a superkick and the Last Shot to maintain his NXT Championship. 

Love kept them together. πŸ’›πŸ–€@AdamColePro retains his #NXTChampionship… and that boys and girls, that’s UNDISPUTED. #WWENXT #AndStill pic.twitter.com/IWqSB8g58V

β€” WWE (@WWE) May 7, 2020

Winner: Adam Cole by Pinfall
Grade: B+

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