ICC Provides new cricket Guidelines for the resumption

International Cricket Council (ICC) issued the guidelines for the Cricket resumption after the Covid-19 lockdown for Community, Domestic and International Cricket matches.

Most of the International countries are providing relaxation in the lockdown and many countries made a decision on returning to their sports tournaments in their Countries. After the Pause of Cricket for more than 60 days, ICC made a new Guidelines with the expert medical advisory to restart the Cricket tournament across the World.

Addition to the Below rules, the respective cricket association should follow the rules and guidelines issued by their countries sports Ministry.

ICC Training Guidelines

ICC Basic Guidelines

  • PreMatch isolation camp will be provided to the players, prior to 14 days of the match including Covid-19 test and routine temperature checkup.
  • Special medical officer/ advisor should be employed to ensure that the players are following the medical guidelines
  • Players should follow the distance of 1.5m between them all the time
  • ICC feels that the Ball is the major reason for the Transmission of the virus, so players who handle the ball should sanitize their hand regularly and also make their personal sports equipment being sanitized.
  • Players should avoid close physical touch with the other players while celebrating in On Field.
  • If the Players have any symptoms of Corona Virus, he should be isolated and COVID-19 test should be done immediately.
  • The Saliva should not be used for Shining the Ball and Umpires should wear the gloves while handling the ball.

Returning to training Camp Guidelines

  • Start the training session with the individual skill based training
  • Then form the small group of players ( max 3 players) and start the training by performing social distancing.
  • Then slitter bigger group of players ( Max 10 players)
  • Then start the square based training with the proper norms.

Guidelines for Bowlers

Bowlers are need to be trained well before the International matches starts because they are very prone to injures after the 60 days plus lockdown

  •  Boards have been suggested to allow for a minimum of 5-6 weeks of training, with the last three weeks involving bowling at match intensity in order to facilitate a bowler’s return to T20Is
  • For ODI, the preparation should be 3 weeks at least and for Test Matches, the preparation should be a minimum of 5 weeks.

For the Detailed press release of the ICC Guidelines click here

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