WWE Raw Live 25th May Results: Winner, Grade and Highlights

Drew Mcintyre

After a long time, it is good to see some of the future wrestlers from NXT occupied the seats in WWE Performance Center. As WWE Backlash is nearing on June 14th, WWE Management is making sure about the proper feud. Andrade defends the United States Championship against Apollo Crews, and a No. 1 Contender’s match was held with Nia Jax, Natalya and Charlotte Flair fighting for the Asuka’s Raw women’s title.

WWE Raw Quick Results

Match TypeWinnerLosserGrade
US ChampionshipApollo CrewsAndradeB-
Men Singles MatchAngel GarzaKevin OwensB+
Tag Team MatchMurphy and
Austin Theory
Black and CarrilloB+
Women’s Triple
Treat Match
Nia Jax Charlotte and NatalyaC+
Tag Team MatchBobby Lashley and MVPThe Street ProfitsC+

WWE Raw Opening Segment: The KO Show

Kevin Owens came to the ring for “The KO Show” and welcomed all of the NXT stars who he said are the future of WWE, mainly these wearing his shirt. He welcomed Asuka to the ring as his guest, and she chanted Becky Lynch’s identify as she made her entrance. KO ultimately performed a clip of Jax destroying The Kabuki Warriors final week.

Charlotte got here down and stated she should have been handed the Raw women’s title because she has crushed Asuka each and every time they have ever fought. This is when Natalya joined the party. She apologized for wrecking KO’s set ultimate week. Owens used to be clever to depart the ring before this turned into a big brawl with all 4 women. Asuka ended up being the last one standing.

WWE Raw Match No.1: United States Championship – Andrade vs Apollo Crews

Both began with a rapid tempo as Crews took the early lead and stored Andrade on the defensive. He picked up the first near fall with an exceptional vertical suplex. El Idolo levelled him with a spinning elbow to flip the tables. Crews nailed a kick that ended up sending Andrade into Vega on the apron, sending her crashing to the flooring as the exhibit cut to a break.

We again to see Andrade back in the driver’s seat. He dished out as a great deal punishment as he could however Crews stored finding approaches to kick out. After a press slam, a standing moonsault and a standing shooting famous person press, Crews covered him for the win to become the new U.S. champion.

Winner: Apollo Crews by Pinfall Grade: B-

WWE Raw Mid Segment: The llonics speech on Tag Team Title

Billie Kay and Peyton Royce got here to the ring to express regret to each different for what passed off last week. They talked about how far they have come together and how they nevertheless be the women’s tag group champions.

This brought out Alexa Bliss and Nikki Cross to respond. The Scottish Superstars ripped into Kay and Royce for wondering she hadn’t made the same sacrifices they have in this business. The IIconics had been the first to physical. They took out both champions with a few double group moves to go away them mendacity in the ring with their belts.

WWE Raw Midsegment: The VIP Lounge

Drew McIntyre came out after the wreck for an interview with MVP in the VIP Lounge. The WWE champion straight away tore aside the set to get it out of the way earlier than the eventual fight. MVP certain him there would be no ambush and reminded McIntyre about how he tried to be a pal at some stage in their remaining VIP Lounge section earlier than WrestleMania.

He said McIntyre hitting him with a Claymore made him recognize The Scottish Psychopath would emerge as champion and he desired to play a role in him dropping it to Lashley. Before The All-Mighty should come to the ring, McIntyre took MVP down with a Claymore to cease the interview.

WWE Raw Match No.2: Angel Garza vs. Kevin Owens

Garza attacked Owens during his entrance. He took out KO’s knee as the show went to a commercial. When we returned, the in shape had commenced and Garza was punishing his leg. Vega cheered on her purchaser as he dominated the former WWE champion. The Prize Fighter hit a DDT out of nowhere to give himself some time to recover.

He hooked up what offense he may want to with only one excellent leg, but he was once unable to hit a cannonball and Garza took advantage with a superkick for a near fall. In a really shocking result, Garza hit The Wingclipper to get the win without an awful lot assist from Vega at ringside.

Aleister Black and Humberto Carrillo teamed up this week to take on Murphy and Seth Rollins' most recent disciple, Austin Theory. The newcomer shortly took manage of Carrillo and backed him to the corner so he and Murphy may want to attempt to double team him. The high-flyer averted their assaults and despatched them out of the ring.

The Dutch Destroyer endured maintaining Rollins' followers at bay with a collection of high-impact strikes. The theory was once capable to choose up the win for his team by using hitting Carrillo with the ATL. Rollins gave a speech after the fit about how Mysterio used to be sacrificed for the larger suitable and threatened to do the equal factor to Carrillo if Black tried to intervene.

Winner: Austin Theory and Murphy by Pinfall Grade: B+

WWE Raw Match No.4:Charlotte vs. Nia Jax vs. Natalya

Jax used her electricity advantage to take manipulate immediately. She slammed Natalya on top of Charlotte but both women avoided an elbow drop. They worked together to throw her into the ring put up so they should have some time in the ring to themselves. The Queen and The Queen of Hearts put some of their technical abilities on the show with a great exchange.

Jax tried to get lower back in the battle however she ended up being power bombed via the announce table via each of her opponents. After the break, Asuka helped Jax get lower back into the ring for some reason. Everybody got here close to winning several times before Jax hit Nattie with a Samoan Drop for the pin.

Winner: Bobby Lashley and MVP by Pinfall Grade:C+

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