Is Sourav Ganguly vs Eshaan Mani for ICC Chairman post? Who will win

Eshaan Mani, the former ICC chairman and the current chairman of Pakistan cricket board leading the race for the next ICC chairman post to succeed Shashank Manohar. The Close sources says that Most of the cricket associations except India are willing to support Eshan Mani as a neutral candidate for ICC chairman election.

Why most of the Cricket Association willing to support Ishan mani???

  • He is the Part time chartered accountant who can easily deal in economic crisis during covid-19 pandamic.
  • He already served as a chairman of ICC and currently serving as a chairman of Pakistan cricket board gives him the push for the Post.
  • Another important reason is most of the Cricket Association feels that ICC is under the control of Indians and they want strong candidate to stand in chairman election.

Some officials in BCCI says that Sourav Ganguly will be the candidate for ICC chairman but if Eshan Mani stands against Sourav Ganguly, mani has the huge chance of winning the ICC chairman post. “Till now Eshaan Mani doesn’t produces the official statement from his side but soon he will take a decision” The close source said.

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