WWE Raw 15th June Results: Winner, Grade and Highlights

WWE Returns to Monday night raw after the exciting WWE Backlash Greatest Wirestling Match ever. In Today’s show, Randy Orton will address about the injury to Edge in the Backlash Match. In other Segment, Nia Jax will take on Asuka for WWE RAW Women’s Championship.

WWE Raw Opening Segment: Randy Orton Address about Backlash match

  • Randy Orton entered the ring and made a statement that he possibly cleared the career of Edge.
  • Christian music hits and delivered a message that edge won’t quit and he will be returning as soon as he medically clears
  • Randy told Christian that he was jealous of Edge and just wants one more match for himself.
  • Randy Orton offered the Unsanctioned match for Christian and the offer ends tonight.

WWE Raw Match No.1: Anjel Garza vs Kevin Owens

  • Angel Garza and Zelina Vegas entered the ring where as Andrade didn’t on his way with them. After a minute, Andrade made his way to the ring.
  • Zelina Vegas made her way out of the ring due to Garza and Andrade speech fight.
  • In the end, Kevin Owens produced the Stunner to Angel Garza though Andrade way in the ring side.

Winner: Kevin Owens by Pinfall Grade: C+

WWE Raw Mid Segment : Bobby Lashley and MVP in the ring

WWE Raw Match No.2: The Viking Raiders and Street Profits vs. Akira Tozawa and Ninjas

  • This match ends as soon as the match started. The Street Profits dominated these Ninja and pinned them within 2 minutes
  • The Big Ninja made his way to the ring to attack Street Profits and Viking Raiders but Big Show made his way to the ring attacked all the Ninjas once again
  • The Big Ninja and Akiro Tozawa made their way out off the ring.

Winner: The Street Profits and Viking Raiders Grade: B+

WWE Raw Mid Segment : Seth Rollins on Dominic

  • Seth Rollins made his way to the ring and talks about Rey Mysterio and his son Dominic
  • Rey appeared on the Screen and delivered the statement that Seth Rollins and his members should not attack his son who is in the Arena for his Father Justice
  • Suddenly Dominic attacked Seth Rollins in the behind and also attacked Murphy and Austin and made his way out of Arena.

WWE Raw Match No.3: The IIconics vs. Liv Morgan and Natalya

  • Peyton Royce and Morgan started the Match as Natalya kicked out off the Ring.
  • Royce had to save Kay from being pinned after a missile dropkick took her out.
  • In the End, IIconics made their pin and leads to the victory.

Winner: IIconics by Pinfall Grade: B+

WWE Raw Match No.4: Apollo Crews vs. Shelton Benjamin

  • Benjamin started to dominate the Match in the earlier state but US Champion returned so quickly.
  • At the end, Apollo Crews roll up Benjamin with the help of Ring wire and pins to victory.

Winner: Apollo Crews by Pinfall Grade: C-

WWE Raw Match No.5: Drew McIntyre and R-Truth vs. MVP and Bobby Lashley

  • Drew McIntyre and Bobby Lashley started the Match and Bobby hits in the throat of Drew to dominate the Match.
  •  He ran right into a suplex from MVP before Lashley threw him into the barricade.
  • R Truth made Bobby Lashley to hit Steel steps where Drew McIntyre hits claymore to MVP
  • R – Truth Pinned MVP to retain their Titles.

Winner: Drew McIntyre and R truth by Pinfall Grade: B+

WWE Raw Mid Segment : Bayley Birthday Week Celebration

WWE Raw Match No.6: Raw Women’s Championship : Asuka vs Nia Jax

  • As soon the match stared, Nia tried to Dominate Asuka but counters it with her top moves
  • Nia Jax made a huge powerbomb in the floor which makes Asuka to slow down.
  • When Nia produced Somoa Drop to Asuka in the ring for the pin, Refree doesn’t pin for Nia as Asuka made her leg out off the Ring.
  • Nia pushed referee for the incident as Asuka utilised the suitation to roll up Nia for the victory.

Winner: Asuka by Pinfall Grade: B-

WWE Raw Match No.7: Randy Orton vs Christian

  • As soon as Presenter informs about the Unsanctioned Match, Ric Flair entered the ring and asked Christian to stop the Match
  • Christian refused that but Ric Flair kicks Christian above the knee to downfall him.
  • Randy Orton utilised the suitation and kicked him on the face for the Pin leads to victory in Unsanctioned match.

Winner: Randy Orton Grade: B+

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