AEW Dynamite 24th June Results: Winner, Grade and Highlights

As one week more for Fyter fest, In Today’s Episode of AEW Dynamite, we are going to witness the face-off, Brian Cage against Jon Moxley and Luchasaurus will have a Lumberjack Match against Wardlow.

AEW Dynamite Match No.1: Lumberjack Match: Luchasaurus vs. Wardlow

  • Wardlow started the contest with the dominating manner by tossing down Luchasaurus.
  • Luchasaurus way to the Chockslam but Wardlow counters back to suplexes.
  • In the end, Wardlow delivered a perfectly timed low blow and finishes with F-10 for the win.

Winner: Wardlow by Pinfall Grade: B+

AEW Dynamite Match No.2: Hikaru Shida vs. Red Velvet

  • Before the match begins, Shida and Ford had a trash talk in the ringside gives the hype for Fyter Fest Match.
  • Shida produces the Running Knee followed by the Falcon Arrow to Red Velvet leads to the Victory.

Winner: Shida by Pinfall Grade: C+

AEW Dynamite Match No.3: SCU vs. FTR

  •  Daniels and Kazarian worked over Wheeler with expert precision and perfect tag team timing.
  • FTR recovered and delivered a Vegematic on Daniels for a pinfall.
  • At Last FTR produces Goodnight Express to Daniels to victory.

Winner: FTR by Pinfall Grade: B+

AEW Dynamite Match No.4: Brian Cage vs. Joe Cruz

  • Joe Cruz made his AEW Dynamite debut on Wednesday.
  • But the Match doesn’t last long as Cage destroyed with Drillclaw to the Victory.
  • After the Match, Cage made a statment that ” “You are sitting on your ass at some with some bulls*** excuse!” he exclaimed. “It’s good you’re not here because that (points to Cage) is unsafe.”

Winner: Brian Cage by Pinfall Grade: B-

AEW Dynamite Match No.5: Matt Hardy vs. Santana

  • Both Hardy and Santana started the match with the dominating view, as both need to prove themselves as a better singles Players
  • The fight spilt to the floor, where Hardy ground his opponent’s face into the ring post.
  • In the end, Hardy Roll up Santana to the Victory. After the Match Sore Loser attacked Hardy but Private Hardy enters the ring to save Hardy.

Winner: Hardy by Pinfall Grade: A-

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